Homes in Northern Westchester County NY

Northern Westchester is an often used term by locals that refers to the upper (northern) portion of Westchester County NY. Northern Westchester County NY is more rural than Southern Westchester. Northern Westchester is known for having some of the most expensive houses in the county, excellent school district, decent train commute to NYC. Northern Westchester offers more of a country like living than Southern Westchester.

Northern Westchester is also known for many of its popular townhouse and condo complexes. To view all townhouse and condo listings click on the following link: Townhouses in Northern Westchester. In addition you can find all Westchester County townhouse listings here: Townhouses in Westchester County.

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Some well known politicians, actors and professional athletes live in Northern Westchester including Bill and Hillary Clinton, Bernie Williams, Vanessa Williams, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, Richard Gere, Mike Meyers, rap star DMX, Martha Stewart, Glenn Close and George Soros.