Condos in Putnam and Westchester

In simple terms condos are typically one level units often with a unit above and/or below. Condos are sometimes in mid-rise buildings or 2-3 level garden style condominium buildings. In our area there are only a small percentage of "condos" per se even though some "townhouses" (2-3 level units) are sometimes referred too as condos even on the MLS. Many out of state visitors are used to using the term condo or condominium when referring to a townhouse. Even local residents who say they would like to buy a condo are really referring to a townhouse.

With a townhouse you often have 2-3 levels and the only neighbors you have are attached to the left and/or the right. Compared to a condo where you can have multiple floors in the buildings with units above and below each other.

If you are looking for a 2-3 level "attached home" that is attached to adjacent houses, which sits upon land that you own then you want a townhouse. If you want a condo you still may have to search online for a "townhouse", so I made it easy for visitors of my web site and combined both townhouse and condo into one simple search.

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