Coops for sale in White Plains NY

View all coop listings for sale in White Plains NY. View every listing from every real estate company! Popular complexes include: Cameo House, Crytal Towers, Wedgwood, The Broadlawn, Bryant Gardens, The Claridge, Broad Park Lodge, Cameo Manor, Surrey Strathmore, Parkville House, Overlook Towers, Longacre Gardens, Broadpark Lodge, The Dorchester, The Gaylord, Edgebrook Co-op, Sulgrave, Tompkins Manor, Edgebrook Estates, Windsor Towers, Village Green, Saxon, Franklin Manor, White Plains Manor, Tanglewood Gardens, Crystal House, Tiffany Towers, 3-5 Franklin, The Summit House, 14 Soundview, Bristol House.

White Plains Coop Listings

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